Marstrand Boat Show: 25th – 27th August

This will be our first time exhibiting at a boat show on the Swedish west coast since our launch last summer and we are looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the HOC brand.

We welcome you to join us onboard the HOC 33P Explorer for a guided tour in the harbour and the potential for a test drive at sea. The HOC 33P has many new innovations onboard and is both designed and produced in Sweden; designed in Stockholm and built on Gotland. Experiencing the HOC is a must for all boat enthusiasts and lovers of the sea.

Date: 25th – 27th August
Opening Times: Friday & Saturday 10:00 – 18:00, Sunday 10:00 – 16:00
Location: Sillgatan 2, SE-442 67 Marstrand, Sweden


HOC Summer Shows

This summer is sure to be a busy one, find out which shows we’re at and where you can join us onboard the HOC boats throughout the summer.


We start our summer of boat shows in Helsinki for the UIVA, “boat afloat” show, 17th – 20th August. As Finland’s largest in-water boat show, it’s sure to be a great spectacle and the perfect place to come and test drive the HOC 33P.

Following on from Helsinki, you will find us in Gothenburg, 25th – 27th August for Marstrand Boat show, the biggest summer show on the Swedish west coast.

Stockholm, 1st – 3rd September: “Allt på Sjön” Gustavsberg marina. After successfully launching the HOC 33P Explorer at Allt på sjön last year, we’re looking forward to coming back this year with more boats and the opportunity to welcome guests onboard with the possibility to test drive throughout the weekend.


Yachting Festival Cannes will be HOC’s first show outside of Scandinavia, where we will be presenting and launching the HOC 33P Cruiser. You can visit us in the Vieux Port in the heart of Cannes from the 12th – 17th September, where we will be located on the ‘tender boats’ dock during the show.

From the 27th – 30th September you will find us in Monte Carlo, for the Monaco Yacht Show. An event which promises to have a grand setting amongst the most notorious superyachts in the water and heritage brands on the harbourside.

To book a test drive with us during this period, please email or call +46 (0) 70 324 35 15.

We hope that you have a fantastic summer and that you will join us over the course of the boat shows.

Welcome aboard!

The team at HOC.

HOC Yachts in Finland – Östersjö Port, 16 – 17 June

We will be premiering the HOC 33P Explorer in Finland, 16-17 June. During the Östersjö Port boat show, CEO Vilhelm Djurberg and new HOC agent, Robi Gripenberg will be present to show and offer test drives to interested show goers.

During the Östersjö Port boat show, CEO Vilhelm Djurberg and our new Finnish HOC agent, Robi Gripenberg will be present to show the HOC 33P Explorer and offer test drives to interested show goers.

Östersjö Port boat show is a VIP event for invited guests. With a limited number of spaces available, please reserve your place by replying to or +46 70 324 3515 or by contacting Robi Gripenberg on +358 40 414 2545

HOC 33P CRUISER Premiere

HOC Yachts are delighted to announce the launch of the HOC 33P CRUISER, which will take place at Allt för Sjön in Stockholm, 3rd-12th March: Stand A39:10.

Born for sunny shores the world over, the 33P Cruiser has lines which are fluid and elegant – a modern boat with a classic feel. Join us during Allt för sjön to celebrate this milestone in the HOC journey and to take a tour of boats and meet the team.


Sea-Fire onboard HOC

In a recent edition of “Superyacht Business” magazine, there was an article titled, “Equipment Advances”. In this article, the president of Sea-Fire, Ernie Ellis commented about the innovative new extinguishing agent NOVEC 1230 that they use in their systems and that we have onboard all of the HOC boats.

Below is an excerpt from the article –

“We don’t use C02 products and are leading the industry by offering safer and [more] environmentally responsible solutions with clean extinguishing agents. We use the NOVEC 1230 extinguishant. It keeps equipment and people safe.”

NOVEC 1230 lets Sea-Fire offer a 20-year “Blue Sky” warranty, according to Ellis, that will not be impacted by upcoming emissions legislation. “This vapour is safe for human exposure and removes heat energy until the fire cannot sustain itself,” he says. “it’s also electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive and residue-free. so it won’t damage valuable equipment.”

This is one example of the superior components that are implemented throughout the HOC 33P. We take pride in sourcing the most appropriate components of the highest quality to ensure that the standard of boating onboard a HOC is nothing but the best.

Båtmagasinet Writes about the HOC 33P Explorer

Back in a snow-swept November, we were visited at our test centre by the Norwegian boating magazine, “Båt Magasinet”. Joining us on board was their journalist Atle Knutsen, who produced this article following his time with us driving and experiencing the HOC 33P Explorer.

To read the full article click the link below.



HOC & Whale – a winning partnership

The producer of the intelligent and reliable pumps onboard the HOC boats, Whale, recently released a press release with regards to our working relationship.

Brian Maxwell, Business Development Manager at Whale commented, “We are delighted that HOC chose to specify our innovative and reliable products for its exclusively stylish and comfortable range of boats. It’s been an exciting time working closely with them and I look forward to continuing this working partnership and seeing what the future holds.”

Read the full press release.

The Best of METS

METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) was held at the Amsterdam RAI from the 15 – 17 November. HOC Yachts were not exhibiting this year, but were present at the show as visitors. With a couple of thousand companies exhibiting their products, services and innovations, there was plenty to see and consider whilst walking around the largest marine trade show of its kind.

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During the show the team were able to meet with many of the suppliers who provide the components and products which contribute to the HOC 33P. This allowed us to further develop our relationships with them and discuss the way in which their products are integrated with our boats, helping to create the HOC experience. The overall response to the HOC 33P was extremely positive, with the suppliers very happy to be a part of the project and to have their products and components onboard the HOC.

METS also provides great insight into the most recent innovations and developments within the marine equipment industry. We are happy to say that many of the companies that are at the forefront of technological advancement are already partners to the HOC project, this was certainly evident when visiting their stands and seeing their latest developments. Special mentions can be given to Humphree, Yacht Defined and Petestep who were all present at the show, doing a great job of showcasing their individual innovations, each generating plenty of interest from the show’s spectators.

A large function of the show is to provide a networking platform for the many people and businesses from differing industries and backgrounds. This gave us a great opportunity to share our story and increase the reach of the HOC message into new and exciting industries, ensuring that HOC Yachts continues to reach new audiences.

(Photo: HOC CEO, Vilhelm Djurberg discussing the HOC 33P with Eduardo Sr. and Eduardo Jr. from Humphree Spain)

Meet the Team: Simon Börjeson

On a pleasant October morning, we were joined at the HOC test centre by Simon Börjeson, the most recent addition to the HOC Yachts team. Simon fills the position of shipyard project manager and has a background from the Norwegian oil and gas industry, project managing the installation of subsea structures.

We took some time to ask Simon some questions to get to know him a little better.

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Interviewer: Tell us a little about the journey that led to you working in the marine industry.

Simon: When I was young, my family didn’t own a summer cottage, instead we went sailing for the summer. For me, that was the highlight of the year, I would count down the days until the start of each summer break. Since then, more or less everything in my life has been related to the water in one way or another.

I. Working on offshore installations must have been quite an exciting job, can you let us know what your favourite part was?

S. The most exciting part of the job was that I was able to follow the process from winning the contract, through preparing documentation and procedures, coordinating the structural design, building the tooling required and then finally going offshore. That was really great to see the whole picture, and in many ways that will be very similar to how I will be working here at HOC Yachts.

I. What attracted you to HOC, and what are you most excited about moving forward?

S. Initially, it was the great product that they have created. Then, once I became familiarised with the team, and I realised that they were super passionate about the product. Also, I really liked the courage that they have taken to think a lot outside of the traditional boat building norms.

Moving forward, I am really excited about seeing more HOC yachts being produced with the same high-quality finish and by the same skilled and experienced team of boat builders, but in the modernised yard that will be completed during the coming spring.

I. You’ve only been employed for a short while now, but can you give us a small taste of what your role consists of?

S. My job normally consists of a nice mix between solving short-term challenges that arise during production, but also continuously identifying ways to streamline the processes even further, without compromising the quality.

I.  You mentioned that the product helped attract you to HOC Yachts. What is your favourite thing about the HOC 33P?

S. For sure the driving environment; with the super crystal clear, large display, right in front of the wheel. That is perfectly suited for high-speed navigation in complex archipelagos, such as the Stockholm archipelago. Of course, it is also the really efficient hull and the beautiful seakeeping capabilities.

I. We’ll take it to a bit of a lighter place now; as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

S. Pilot. Pilot for sure. I haven’t succeeded in that yet, but it’s never too late. Actually, in 2010, I won a competition called ‘Red Bull Flugtag’. The aim was to build a homemade gliding aircraft, and fly as far as possible from a 6-metre ramp. We won the competition and the prize was an ultra-light aircraft flying course, which I haven’t completed yet but I certainly will have in the near future.

I. Outside of work, what is the biggest thing in your life right now? Is there a main hobby or a passion?

S. In the summers, it’s ‘Swimrun’. It’s still a small sport but growing rapidly, especially in Sweden and more and more through Europe and the rest of the world. It involves swimming and running through archipelagos, running in your wetsuit and swimming with shoes on, to get from one point to another as fast as possible. And in the winter I really enjoy skiing.

I. One last, quick question: motor or sail?

S. Sail

I. That’s great. Some really interesting answers there and it was good to get to know a bit more about you. Thank you so much for your time.

S. No problem at all, thank you.

Allt på Sjön – show report

Show Report – Allt på Sjön, Gustavsberg: 2 – 4 September.

We had a lot of expectation for HOC Yachts’ first public event, we were both, launching the company and unveiling the HOC 33P Explorer. With a lot of anticipation from the boating community, there was a certain level of pressure, but at the same time, we had confidence in our product. Would the 33P Explorer receive the welcome that we so felt she deserved? Time would tell.

On the first day of the show, we arrived in convoy for our grand entrance to the ‘HOC stand’ and were met by the crowd of eagerly awaiting journalists. After tying up the boats, we took some time to answer questions and premiere the HOC to the press. We then opened the HOC stand to the public and began exhibiting our yachts.

We were inundated with viewers and intrigued individuals for the duration of the show, which was a fantastic opportunity for us to share our yachts and show our passion for innovation and moving the boat industry forward.

There were many individuals at the show keen to look around onboard, and we were happy to accommodate their wishes. The finish and quality of the boats were something that didn’t go unnoticed, leaving a strong impression with all those that visited onboard.

The general impression from the show attendees was one of fascination and admiration for our achievement with the 33P Explorer. A key point of interest that gained notoriety throughout the show was, Yacht Defined. The 29″ screen, 10″ tablet and HOC steering wheel were immediate talking points and demanded much attention from the curious onlookers.

Those that showed particular interest were offered VIP test drives throughout the weekend, helping riders to formulate a full opinion of the HOC 33P Explorer, which we found to be extremely positive.

In summary, it was a successful weekend which exceeded expectations with fantastic feedback and a warm response for the HOC 33P Explorer premiere. As a result, sales have begun with orders already being taken at the show and we have booked many test drives with interested parties.