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Built to operate in any climate and manage challenging conditions, the Explorer is a modern and stylish boat which is aesthetically pleasing, while uncompromising in functionality.

Each element of the design has been created to maximise user experience, to make driving easy and your journey more enjoyable. The Explorer has a modern elegance and a feeling of quality and longevity.

The hull is constructed using state-of-the-art composite materials which have exceptional technical specifications. This provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and helps to keep the HOC Explorer light and agile. With Petestep technology integrated into the hull design, the Explorer  has a ride which is softer, quieter, more lean and safer than before.

As standard, the HOC Explorer arrives with an auto-trim system provided by Humphree®, this gives greater control over the trimming of the boat at differing speeds. And leads to improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and an enhanced ride.

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A shark fin rail is located on the foredeck, affording a considerable level of safety when performing tasks in a variety of scenarios. The bow boarding ladder makes going ashore and coming aboard safe and easy, wherever you choose to moor your HOC.

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With a finish that can rival a Superyacht’s, the interior of the Explorer provides a feeling of luxury and comfort. Intelligent design combined with the use of quality materials and components makes the interior spacious, stylish and practical.

Throughout the HOC Explorer, advanced soundproofing materials have been incorporated into the construction process, creating an exceptionally quiet riding experience.

Lightweight ‘Artboard’, sandwich construction has been used for the interior structure. This helps to keep the overall weight of the HOC Explorer low, which in turn contributes to keep performance high.

Strategically installed LEDs in the interior produce ambient lighting throughout the HOC Explorer and create a light and airy atmosphere. The interactive, controllable function allows you to change and the set the lighting to fit every situation.

With its 29″ display, 10″ tablet and state of the art interactive steering wheel, the HOC driving console is a technological advancement that will allow you to control your world – with just a touch or a swipe. The integration of the Yacht Defined ‘infotainment’ system makes navigation and control of the onboard systems intuitive and easy.

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The cabin house interior is an exceptionally versatile space. It is possible to seat up to 8 people in a dining arrangement and sleep an extra 2 people +1 infant when in a sleeping arrangement.

Designers choice

Every detail has been precisely designed to yield an experience that will change the way you interact with your boat.

As a result of intelligent design, the use of advanced technology and our smart choice of onboard systems, the HOC Explorer provides an experience of ultimate user enjoyment and satisfaction. Likewise, through careful weight distribution, the boat has been perfectly balanced, ensuring the maximum potential of the Petestep hull was achieved, further enhancing the riding experience.

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See details of the HOC Explorer’s features below, or download the full specification here »


  • 29” display screen provides intuitive interaction for chart navigation and management of the yacht systems.
  • HOC steering wheel with built in command buttons.
  • 10” tablet for control of the Yacht Defined ‘infotainment’ system.
  • Built-in pilot house speakers and music system.
  • Onboard Wifi network supported by 4G/3G/2G router.
  • Implementation of Petestep technology enhances performance and safety.
  • CAN bus integration gives automatic and realtime updates of all onboard systems through the tablet and display screen.
  • Remote system access via phone and tablet.


    • Panoramic windshield for uncompromising views.
    • Ergonomic driving seats.
    • Smart design and space utilisation, incorporating extensive storage solutions throughout.
    •  Automatic lifting engine room hatch.
    • Automatic stern anchoring system.
    • LED courtesy lighting around the deck and bathing platform.
    • HOC HD rear camera.


  • Double berth in the forward cabin, convertible to spacious lounging area.
  • Silent, extra efficient electrical toilet with odourless installation.
  • Pilothouse sofa has dual purpose and can be transformed into an additional double berth.
  • Galley with two-burner hob, sink and storage to house the complimentary cooking and dining equipment.
  • Integrated 55 litre domestic fridge.


  •  6 x HOC Fenders
  •  10kg ‘Bruce’ style Anchor • 40m Anchor Warp
  •  4 x Mooring Lines
  • Boat Hook
  •  Fire-fighting Appliances
  •  Bathing Ladder
  • Boarding Ladder
  • HOC Duvet, Pillow and Linen set
  • HOC Towel set
  • Cooking and Dining ware

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General Specification

  • Length: 10.21 m
  • Beam: 3.10 m
  • Displacement: 3.85 t
  • Passengers: 8 Persons
  • Engine: Volvo Penta D6-400
  • Top Speed: 40+ kts
  • Fuel Consumption: 39 L/h (at 29kts)
  • Fuel Tank: 380 L
  • Range: 292 NM (at 29kts)

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A double bed can be arranged in the pilot house for extra accommodation.

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Integrated storage solutions throughout the 33P provide plenty of space for storing personal effects.

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The wide walkways and roof rails for support, make moving around the deck of the 33P Explorer safe and easy.


To view the different areas of the HOC Explorer, click on the boat sections below or use the arrows to scroll left and right.

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