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Driving experience

Forget traditional A to B transportation, immerse yourself in the sensory experience of the journey.

The control and comfort of HOC Yachts are exceptional and far in advance of yachts in this size range. The intuitive nature of the controls and stability of the ride make the HOC an absolute pleasure to drive. Twitchy steering and long periods of intense concentration are a thing of the past. With the HOC, it becomes possible to engage in the journey and enjoy your surroundings. This is an impressively safe boat, with performance attributes that will leave you wanting more. Truly, a unique experience.

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Interact intuitively

Created to simplify your life, the state-of-the-art cockpit system enables you to control your world – with just a touch or a swipe.

Getting behind the wheel of a HOC Yacht is an experience unlike any other. The uncomplicated and fully intuitive, Yacht Defined ‘infotainment’ system brings complete control to your fingertips. Combine the one-of-a-kind HOC steering wheel with a 29” navigation screen and a 10” tablet and you have the smartest and safest way to be in control of your boat.

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Connected Boat

The onboard wireless network allows you to connect all your devices to the internet - the HOC is a hub for everyone onboard; watch movies, listen to music, surf the web and share your experiences, the possibilities are endless. This smart boat connectivity means that you can control boating functions from your devices also. Raise the anchor with your watch, control electrical systems or monitor your HOC remotely, there really is no end to what you can do.

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HOC Steering Wheel

The HOC steering wheel is an integral part of enhancing the overall driving experience of HOC Yachts. Combined with Yacht Defined the user is given the most relevant information at the right times - dynamic content changes depending on the situation, time of day and surroundings.

Petestep® for HOC

A softer, quieter and safer ride. Advanced hull design with uncompromising performance.

Our goal was to create a softer, more comfortable and safer riding experience. To achieve this, we implemented Petestep® patented technology within the hull design. The resulting hull form significantly alters the attitude of the boat, enhancing the performance and ride. Without Petestep®, trade-offs would have been made at the expense of performance in other areas, a problem that every designer must face. With HOC Yachts there is no need for compromise, we have successfully created a boat that yields a user experience we are confident will leave you delighted and fulfilled after every ride.

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The Petestep® deflectors remove lateral spray from the hull, forcing it down and aft to create more lift and thrust.

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Our master boat-builders have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they bring to the build of HOC Yachts.

The word handcrafted is synonymous with ‘high-quality’ and ‘attention-to-detail’, and for good reason. Our master boat-builders have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they have brought to the build of HOC Yachts, as a result, the fit and finish are of an exceptionally high standard. The choice of optional extras pre-production allows for plenty of customisation, leaving you confident that your HOC is not just a standard production boat – each one is unique.

No detail too small

All HOCs are delivered with the highest level of finish. From exterior to interior, every part is hand finished for superior quality.

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With user experience spearheading the design process, the HOC is a modern and stylish boat which will remain so throughout its life.

When engineering meets intelligent design it is possible to break the mould and create a product that not only looks attractive but also performs exceptionally through a variety of attributes, granting you the ability to interact with your boat in new and exciting ways – the HOC 33 has achieved this, and much more.

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Safety features are seamlessly integrated into the design, preserving the elegant HOC look without compromising onboard safety.


Technical materials and progressive construction techniques produce a boat with an exceptional build finish and a high-calibre performance.

The construction techniques used in crafting our boats are cutting-edge. The hulls are formed from a composite sandwich, consisting of an Airex foam core with a biaxial and axial fiberglass structure; infused via vacuum injection. Every through hull fitting is made from solid laminate for increased strength and integrity. Our interiors are finished using lightweight ‘Artboard’, sandwich construction. The use of technical materials and precision construction helps to keep weight low and performance high. Every HOC Yacht is hand finished to ensure maximum attention is paid to every detail. The result is a quality build and a superior final product.

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Light and Strong

The vacuum infusion technique used in the construction of our boats is often reserved for high-performance racing yachts. By injecting the resin during the process, it is distributed evenly and in the precise quantities. This reduces excess resin build ups, keeping the hull as light as possible and as a result, we are able to yield a strong yet light hull for efficient fuel economy and increased performance.

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Performance and Comfort

A lighter boat increases performance and improves fuel economy. In doing so, we have not had to sacrifice the strength or seakeeping ability. The Petestep patented hull allows the HOC to ride with the same comfort as a boat with a 30 degree deadrise angle, and with the fuel economy of a boat with a 20 degree deadrise angle. An unique combination made possible thanks to Petestep's patented deflector technology.